Unified E-mail management (UEM) supplier Mimecast has announced new services for Microsoft Outlook users using its hosted (SaaS) platform. Further services such as document version archiving and information profiling for SharePoint, as well as data recovery directly into Exchange, will be provided in 2008.

The new Mimecast services for Outlook include:
* Live continuity for Outlook – enables end users on Outlook to continue sending and receiving emails even in the event of a full Exchange outage;
* High performance end user search – enhances Outlook's search capability to include emails in the 10 year off-site corporate archive held by Mimecast via the web;
* Smart folders and document views – offers dynamic grouping of related email and document items for faster navigation in Outlook; and
* Seamless harvesting of existing Outlook email into the Mimecast archive.
Currently, Mimecast offers a single solution for email security, continuity and archiving delivered on-demand via the web from secure geographically dispersed redundant data centres, with carrier-grade infrastructure.
“With the majority of our 1000-plus customers heavily invested in Microsoft platforms and infrastructure, Mimecast’s new services will further enable a seamless symbiotic relationship with their on-premise messaging and collaboration systems,” comments Garth Wittles, MD of Mimecast SA.