Lenovo has introduced the industry’s first EPEAT Gold rated monitor – the ThinkVision L193p – as part of a new portfolio of PC monitors designed for business users. The portfolio of five new monitors also includes the ThinkVision L190x monitor featuring the slimmest bezel in the industry at just 6.6 millimetres.

“With the first PC monitor rated EPEAT Gold, Lenovo has achieved a milestone in the greening of the electronics industry,” says Jeff Omelchuck, Executive Director, Green Electronics Council. “The EPEAT system helps purchasers evaluate, compare and select PC products based on their environmental attributes. By developing a monitor that achieves EPEAT’s Gold ranking, Lenovo is demonstrating its commitment to providing purchasers with high quality, environmentally responsible products.”
Lenovo now offers a complete EPEAT Gold-rated solution by pairing the ThinkCentre A61e desktop with the ThinkVision L193p monitor. The EPEAT tool evaluates products based on 51 environmental criteria in the areas of reduction or elimination of environmentally sensitive materials, design for end of life, product longevity or lifecycle extension, energy conservation, end-of-life management, packaging and corporate performance.
To earn EPEAT Gold status, the ThinkVision L193p monitor had to meet all 23 required criteria as well as at least 20 of EPEAT’s 28 optional criteria. The monitor is the first product in the EPEAT registry to use more than 25% post-consumer recycled content in its plastic parts.
“Lenovo has delivered a comprehensive line of energy efficient and environmentally responsible products, from notebooks to desktops to monitors,” says Julian Pienaar, Lenovo South Africa Notebook Brand Manager. “We have more than 40 products that are listed within the EPEAT system with our whole line of Performance Series monitors rated at least EPEAT Silver.
"The EPEAT Gold rated ThinkVision L193p monitor is our first step toward our goal of elevating all of our monitors to this status.”
In addition to the EPEAT Gold rating, all of Lenovo’s new Performance Series monitors are TCO’03 certified by TCO Development. This certification addresses ergonomics, emissions, energy and ecology. In addition, all of Lenovo’s LCD monitors meet the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star 4.0 requirements for energy efficiency, also required by EPEAT.
When combined with Lenovo’s ThinkCentre A61e desktop, the solution is 57% more efficient than previous Lenovo desktops paired with a 19-inch CRT monitor.
The 19-inch monitor’s 160/160 degree viewing angle, high contrast ratio, five millisecond response time and support for high bandwidth digital content protection (HDCP) and analogue and DVI-D signals provide users with an excellent viewing experience. An ergonomic stand also provides flexibility for positioning the display.
Measuring just 6.6 millimetres, the ThinkVision L190x monitor’s bezel is the slimmest in the industry. This thinness makes it ideal for multiple monitor environments, helping eliminate the distraction that can occur from the seam between monitors. Pairing two of these 19-inch monitors provides more than twice the viewing area of a 27-inch monitor at considerably less cost.
The monitor also provides a high contrast ratio of 1500:1 and colour gamut to create vivid colours and four USB ports for connection to a variety of devices such as battery chargers. Users can also switch from portrait to landscape mode easily with the monitor’s automatic rotation function.
For single monitor business use, Lenovo’s ThinkVision L194 Wide monitor offers an excellent 16×10 wide viewing experience in a 19-inch widescreen with a high contrast ratio of 1000:1 and support for HDCP as well as analogue and DVI-D signals. Lenovo’s ThinkVision L171 and L151 monitors provide quality business-class performance for the general purpose and back office applications.
The monitors follow Lenovo’s recent introduction of the ThinkVision L220x Wide monitor, the market’s first 22-inch widescreen monitor with a WUXGA resolution screen. Small enough to fit on a desk, the monitor provides rich colours and high resolution drawing less power than 24-inch monitors.