SMC Networks has announced shipment of the first product in its latest TigerSwitch family of high-performance switches, which include a 26-port and 50-port managed Gigabit switch (SMC8126L2, SMC8150L2) and a 24-port Power over Ethernet switch (SMC8124PL2).

Designed for both enterprises and SMBs, the SMC8124PL2 is a 24-port managed switch including two Gigabit combo ports, supporting IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) which is operational on all 24 of its 10/100/1000 ports, enabling placement of network add-ons such as IP phones or cameras, without the need for extra power cables.
A single chip architecture is used to ensure wire-speed delivery of data whilst maintaining the high levels of security, manageability and cost effectiveness demanded by SMBs. Flexibility in network configuration is offered through an IP clustering facility that allows up to 32 individual switches from the 6100 and 8100 series to be grouped together as one easy to manage, virtual entity requiring a single IP address.
“The network architecture and infrastructure space continues to represent one of the fastest growing market segments within the greater information, communication and technology sector. Our latest switching solution represents a combination of key differential features, including MultiLink Trunking and IGMP Snooping, among others, to offer investors substantial value in the networked corporate environment,” says Paul Luff, country manager at SMC Networks South Africa.
“We anticipate a strong response from the local market heading into next year.”
The new switch supports VLANs based on frame tags or ports with support for automatic GVRP LAN registration. MultiLink Trunking allows grouping links between switches to provide higher bandwidth connections.
Other advanced switching features include Quality of Service (QoS) with four levels of priority to ensure smooth transmission of mission critical data, IGMP Snooping and Multiple Spanning Tree. Ideal for SMB workgroup applications, the SMC8124PL2 supports comprehensive security features such as RADIUS and IEEE802.1x, SSH, SSL and TACACS.
“Security, manageability, performance and flexibility are the key requirements of effective enterprise and SMB workgroups and networks,” says SMC director of product marketing Iain Kenney. “The new SMC8100 switch family provides for these requirements and allows for expansion and connection of further accessories in the future.”