The cost-effective filing and storage of all manner of documentation from contracts, policies, claims and invoices to profiles, presentations, brochures and pamphlets is a challenge facing many businesses.

Square One Solutions Group also distributes the full Kodak range of scanners in South Africa, and is therefore able to provide wide-ranging document management solutions.
Philippa Dal Medico, channel manager at Square One, says scanning and storage technologies have advanced to the point where they can significantly reduce or eliminate entirely, the need for expensive, labour intensive and inefficient paper filing and storage.
“The Kodak range of i1200 and i1300 scanners offers high performance, ease of use, versatility and benchmark-setting image quality. These scanners will auto-feed virtually any documentation from the size of a driver’s licence card to a page up to 860mm long at speeds of up to 60 pages a minute.”
Typical applications include the scanning and computerised filing and storage of individual members’ claim submissions for medical aid companies processing thousands of claims daily, insurance policies and related documentation for insurers, legal and contractual documents for companies, proof of delivery (POD) notes for product distributors and plans and drawings for engineers, architects and other professionals, to name a few.
Dal Medico says the Kodak scanners have a “smart touch” feature that allows the correct scanning application to be selected and automatically scanned to file, email, printers or other desktop applications supporting TIF, JPEG, RTF, PDF and searchable PDF outputs.
There is also a unique tilt and scan feature that allows selection of the best scanning position for each job. The 1310 and 1320 models feature 600dpi optical resolution and offer enhanced “perfect page” image processing.