Condyn, an independent company specialising exclusively in the distribution and provision of information security products and services, recently launched a Solutions Centre aimed at its resellers, to provide them with a facility to develop and design solutions for customers within a real-time environment.

According to Condyn CEO, Jorina van Rensburg, for the past 12 years Condyn has been focused on delivering and supporting some of the world’s best security solutions within the African market.
"There are always several points of difference in a product, a service, or a solution, but the trick is to establish which ones deliver the greatest value to the customer," she says.
Van Rensburg believes that in order to make propositions persuasive, suppliers and vendors must be able to demonstrate and document them. "This is exactly why we decided to build this centre," she explains. "Suppliers who fully grasp and understand the critical issues in the customer’s business and are able to deliver a value proposition that is simple yet captivating, can achieve this."
Condyn established the solution centre with the objectives of providing a real-time, secure, confidential and tested environment for resellers and customers to help fully qualify opportunities, shorten sales cycles and clearly define the terms of a Proof of Concept request with all the necessary skills, personnel and expertise at their disposal.
"Condyn continuously researches new products on a weekly basis to determine improved integration, value and acceptance by the industry watchdogs. We also believe that partnerships are a two-way street and wanted to give back to our partners and customers by providing an accredited training facility for all the solutions we represent across Africa. In addition, our in-house facility offers training that is scheduled on our website for the entire year," Van Rensburg concludes.