IndigoCube has been appointed an IBM Premier Business Partner, one of only a handful in the country out of its more than 300 partners.
IBM operates three levels of partnership, Member, Advanced and Premier, with Premier being the most prestigious and requiring the greatest investment from partners and delivering the most in return.

“Achieving this partnership status is a significant milestone for IndigoCube as it was one of our original objectives,” says Themi Themistocleous, chairman of IndigoCube. “It also proves that our employees know what they’re doing when they interact with customers because they are fully, internationally certified. They’re the cornerstone of our business.”
IndigoCube operates at the forefront of the software development industry and is an internationally certified consulting and training organisation that specialises in improving business analysis, software delivery and legacy modernisation.
Premier partners must achieve specific number and levels of employee certifications, support a range of IBM software and hardware, achieve specific revenue goals, provide significant customer satisfaction and develop joint marketing plans.
In turn, IBM provides the highest level of marketing, sales and technical support.
“We exceeded the minimum premier partnership requirements based on the certifications our people have attained as well as the revenue contribution made to IBM,” says Ziaan Hattingh, MD of IndigoCube. “In May this year we conducted a management buyout of the consulting part of Software Futures and we’ve grown rapidly from five people then to 18 today.”
IndigoCube is also IBM’s number one Rational partner in South Africa.
Rational is an IBM software development platform that improves the speed, quality and predictability of software projects.
“We have 15 people certified in that environment,” says Themistocleous. “We’re the only Rational partner with all the IBM Rational solutions registered under the IBM Value Advantage Plus programme.”
Like the Premier Partnership programme, IBM’s Value Advantage Plus programme includes a customer satisfaction review process.
“We have a strong track record with IBM of meeting and exceeding customer satisfaction levels,” says Themistocleous.
Under IBM’s Premier Partner programme, IndigoCube will continue to focus on its traditional markets, which are financial services institutions, the telecoms industry and government.
“We’ve won significant business in those arenas in the past; recently these include the Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS) tender from government and, as a member of a consortium, a system for the Department of Home Affairs,” says Hattingh.
IndigoCube will continue to focus on employee skills in terms of its IBM Premier Partner agreement.
It has initiated a graduate recruitment programme with the Universities of Johannesburg and Wits to attract top graduates in relevant fields.
“The graduate programme will focus on areas affecting the skills shortage and developing them appropriately and quickly to ensure relevant experience,” says Themistocleous.