HP has announced a new colour Laser Photo Paper, which at 10 x 15-cm, is the world’s first heavyweight photo paper of its size designed for laser printing. With a glossy, coated finish on both sides, the paper enables small business customers to print everything from business photos and postcards to marketing materials and direct mail, in addition to everyday photos.

HP Laser Photo Paper, 10 x 15-cm, is a size extension of the popular A4 size in HP’s successful Laser Photo Paper line. The new size provides customers with a convenient, affordable and broad portfolio of business communication documents that lets them create impressive, professional outsource-quality documents in-house.
Key features of the HP Laser Photo Paper include rich, vivid colours on either side of the paper with no show-through. It resists smudging, smearing and scratches through instant dry-time. It is also notably easy to use – the paper is coated on both sides and can load in any direction.
This extension to HP’s portfolio provides a cost-effective way for customers to print 10 x 15-cm colour laser photos right in the office, making it an important addition to HP’s portfolio of premium-quality laser papers. HP Laser Photo Paper is also available in a matte finish in an A4 size (200gsm).
It is optimised for HP Color LaserJet printers and HP ColorSphere toners, and compatible with many other colour laser printers and copiers. This photo paper is not recommended for HP Color LaserJet 1500/1500L/2500N/2500L/2500TN/9500 printers.
Businesses are increasingly discovering the flexibility, control and cost savings they can achieve by printing marketing collateral and other business documents in their own offices. The ability to create outsourced-quality materials in-house is especially important to small-business owners who strive to present the same professional impression as “big” companies while operating on a budget.
Advancements in HP’s Color LaserJet print systems, including innovations in printer, toner and paper design, make it possible for customers to obtain print-shop-quality documents in-house and significant savings on short runs. To print such documents in-house, a broad range of paper types is needed. HP has developed a portfolio of premium laser papers in various weights, finishes and sizes specifically designed to work on today’s laser printers and support customers’ needs