Mobile Enterprise Magazine has awarded Procter & Gamble (P&G) its 2007 ‘Best on Campus’ Mobiliser Award. The Mobiliser Awards recognise companies for their achievements in deploying mobile solutions across the enterprise.

Mobile Enterprise magazine presents the annual Mobiliser Awards in recognition of the best mobile deployments across the enterprise in the categories of Field Service, CRM, Supply Chain, Mobile Campus and Pace Setting. Applicants are judged by the editors and editorial advisory board of Mobile Enterprise based on ease of deployment; innovation, and business improvement.
Using its SpectraLink wireless telephone system Procter & Gamble improved communications among mobile employees and increased productivity.
“While we received many worthy nominations for our Mobiliser Awards, Procter & Gamble stood out for our panel of judges,” says Dorene VanHouten, publisher at Mobile Enterprise. “It demonstrates a creative mobile solution with a clear ROI that directly benefits employees across the corporate campus.”
P&G, in business since 1837 and world renowned as a manufacturer of consumer packaged goods, is using Polycom’s SpectraLink Wi-Fi handsets to enable managers and operators on its manufacturing floor to be much more responsive and productive. Managers can be reached whether at their desks or roaming the manufacturing floor.
In addition, operators are now equipped with wireless VoIP handsets that are integrated with their manufacturing lines, enabling them to be across the plant floor and still be aware of what’s going on with their line to ensure operations run smoothly.
The durable SpectraLink handsets offer a unique push-to-talk functionality, which took the place of the more expensive walkie-talkie system they had been using and is easier to manage. The SpectraLink handsets offer flexible and secure communications integrated into one device with access to business phone functionality such as call forwarding and voicemail.
Another advantage of the SpectraLink system is its integration with plant machines. P&G is taking advantage of the SpectraLink OAI (Open Application Interface) to integrate handsets with Intech Studio’s product, PUMA, a manufacturing system that enables alerts to be sent to operators of problems on the manufacturing line.
So, for example, if a shrink-wrapping machine is about to run out of shrink wrap, an operator is alerted. In addition, when a machine goes down maintenance is alerted, lessening possible downtime and associated revenue and productivity hits. As a result of the wireless system, P&G realised a return on its technology investment in just three months.