Apple will launch movie rentals through its iTunes store next month, starting with movies from 20th Century Fox. 

FairPlay, Apple's copy protection program, will be built into the Fox movies, easing users' ability to transfer them to a hard drive or iPod for playback.
Fox, along with other movie studios, are already experimenting with online movie rentals, but this is the first deal to be struck with Apple's popular iTunes store.
Currentely, movies are available on iTunes, but only for sale – a model that hasn't proved popular with users.
Also on the digital entertainment front, Warner Music Group has agreed to sell its music online, at, without copy protection.
Warner is one of the last companies to sell music in MP3 format, without copy protection.
Its full music catalogue will now be available, including artists like Led Zeppelin and Aretha Franklin, and will boost's offerings to 2,9-million.