There's been a new twist in the ongoing high-definition standards saga, with movie studio Warner Bros saying it will only release new movie disks on Sony's Blu-Ray format, rejecting the competitive HD-DVD technology. 

Previously, Warner embraced both formats for its high-definition DVD releases, but last week decided to ditch HD-DVD.
The move brings to five the number of studios that have opted for Blu-Ray exclusivity, leaving just two supporting HD-DVD.
The conflicting technologies hark back to the early days of video cassette recorders, when VHS and Betamax slugged it out for the de facto standard.
There has been a widespread belief that the new DVD battle could see both formats co-existing, but market forces could demand a single standard.
Toshiba, which developed the rival HD-DVD format, believes there is still life in the technology, with Akiyo Ozaka, president of Toshiba America Consumer Products telling a briefing at the Consumer Electronics Show that HD-DVD "has not lost:.
Toshiba sold about 1-million HD-DVD players in the US last year.