Pinnacle  CCTV has announced the local availability of the industry-leading DS-4000 HCI compression board from Hik Vision Digital Technology, one of the leading suppliers of CC-TV technology.

Pinnacle CCTV, one of the fastest-growing companies within the local CCTV marketplace, is a distributor of Hik Vision products. HikVision is the industry-leading supplier of advanced H.264 solutions for digital surveillance security industries.
Jeanne Coetzee, GM at Pinnacle Micro CCTV, says: “The DS-4000HCI compression board is a professional digital security product which adopts the most advanced H.264 video compression algorithm and OggVorbis audio compression technology. Compared with DS-400XM and DS-400xH board, it can capture and compress video in real-time into H.264 streams, CBR (Constant) or VBR (Variable BitRate) -up to Full D1 resolution  (NTSC or PAL). DS-4000HCI’s SDK is compatible with DS-400XM and DS-400XH. This,” said Coetzee, “makes development faster and easier.”
The DS-4000HCI board uses a fully optimized algorithm based on DSP technology to implement video and audio real-time encoding, active video and audio preview and motion detection – as well as a host of other features. Video image is directly transmitted from the board to display frame buffer – and a compressed stream is also directly sent to the host’s memory.
The entire transmission does not require any intervention from the host computer processor, thereby saving it significant resources.