Workgroup's Symantec division has announced the local availability of Norton's Save & Restore, a highly intuitive automated backup and recovery solution for consumers.

Put plainly, Save & Restore includes new more flexible backup and recovery capabilities. With simple installation, setup and built-in automation, Save & Restore makes it easy for users to preserve valuable data and recover from disasters, even when the operating system won't boot.
"Computer users are generating more irreplaceable digital content and are storing an expanding volume of information on their PCs," says Arno Fourie, Norton product manager at Workgroup. "In addition to photos, consumers routinely store financial information, home video, documents and email, bookmarks and address books, music and application customisations."
However, he says, threats to the safety of that data is on the rise. He says that viruses, spyware, hacking attacks and information/identity theft have become more prevalent and adds that, when considered together with the possibility of hard drive and software failure, accidental deletion, and even natural disasters that could wipe out data and render a system inoperable, consumers' concerns are well founded.
"At the same time, users' computing preferences are changing with today's consumer opting for simplicity and practical applications even while facing increasingly complex technologies," Fourie says.
Save & Restore was designed to meet the computing needs of consumers enabling users of all levels of expertise to automatically backup and recovery everything on their computer.
With Norton Save & Restore, users can backup the entire contents of a drive or just the files and folders they select. The solution can find and save all files of a certain type, such as pictures or documents, regardless of which folder they're in. It works with external hard drives, CDs and more, and even helps users choose the best backup method.
"To minimise the need for user intervention, Save & Restore features wizards that walk users through backup and recovery quickly and safely," says Fourie. "Furthermore, when teamed with Norton Internet Security, this solution will initiate a backup whenever it receives an outbreak alert."