Pinnacle Micro has announced the local availability of three new GPS systems from mobile communications company, Mio Technology: the Mio DigiWalker C220, C320 and C520. All three models come pre-loaded with southern African maps, a powerful 20-channel SiRstarIII GPS receiver and convenient speed advisor tool.

Pinnacle Micro, who recently signed the distribution agreement with Mio Technology, says the decision to represent Mio Technology forms part of a decision to move into the increasingly converging world of consumer-based technology and the general business and ICT market place.
Hans Steyn, brand manager at Pinnacle Micro, says the 20-channel SiRstarIII GPS receiver is highly accurate and responsive, keeping track of where users are – and where they are going – even in the most challenging environments.
The speed advisor tool also provides the driver with a safer driver experience as it automatically warns him, or her, when the speed limit is being exceeded. Users are also able to set their own speed limits.
The C320 and C520 boast 4,3-inch  colour touch screens, and come with intuitive interfaces and large icons for ease-of-use. The C220, meanwhile, comes with a 3,5-inch touch screen display and “a compact form factor”.
The unit is also pre-loaded with over 100 000 points of interest (POI) information.