Rockwell Automation has announced the introduction of a full portfolio of switches and infrastructure products designed to effectively manage real-time control and information flow throughout the manufacturing and IT enterprise.

The range includes a line of managed switches integrated with Cisco technology. The Rockwell Automation switch portfolio also includes Ethernet switch technology embedded in popular Rockwell Automation and third-party products allowing for flexible topologies, as well as lines of unmanaged switches and physical media.
The portfolio contains many popular features that are in use today by IT and Controls organizations that deploy standard, unmodified Ethernet, with settings that are optimised for use in EtherNet/IP applications.
“The co-branded line of modular managed switches directly addresses the widespread network convergence activities we see in manufacturing and IT organizations today,” says Brian Oulton, director: Networks Marketing at Rockwell Automation. “By combining the best features of Cisco and Rockwell Automation, we enable IT and manufacturing to bring their best practices together to create business efficiencies, agility and competitive advantage for manufacturers.”
The Rockwell Automation switch portfolio includes modular managed, embedded, fixed managed and unmanaged switches.