AmVia, a Vox Telecom company, has enhanced its RightFax Outsource service which provides customers with a fully managed fax infrastructure, major cost savings, and flexible costing.

"RightFax Outsource has been developed in line with market trends and customer expectations," says Craig Freer, GM of AmVia, the local distributor of RightFax. "It delivers a full managed fax infrastructure as a service, with all the benefits that fax outsourcing offers.
Major benefits include:
* Best-practice IP around RightFax, the global market leader;
* Removing the need for capital investment, and instead deferring it as an operational expense;
* Removing the need for dedicated management to oversee the fax infrastructure;
* The option of hosting the infrastructure on-site or off-site, as per a customer's requirements;
* Consulting and upgrading of fax infrastructure in line with global best practice;
* Major cost savings relative to internal management of infrastructure: up to 30% over three years;
* Unquestioned adherence with regulatory compliance as RightFax inherently fulfils all appropriate compliance initiatives and requirements;
* 24x7x365 service-level agreement developed in line with the ITIL framework, with guaranteed response times;
* Flexible billing: Per-month, per-fax, per-page, negotiated according to the metric that best supports the customer's business model; and
* Reducing outbound telecoms bills by up to 15%.
AmVia's RightFax Outsource service is on offer to any existing or future RightFax customer, through AmVia and its business partners.
"To date our customers have been from within the financial services and telecommunications environment, but the service has been enhanced to appeal to all verticals," says Freer.