Sahara Computers, local suppliers of digital lifestyle technology, announces the release of its Extreme Gaming PC, built with the latest in high-end graphic, sound and processor technology.

Features include a Foxconn X38A motherboard, which the company claims is the highest capacity board of its kind available within the local market.
The device runs off DDR3 and DDR2 RAM which can be accessed and used simultaneously and offers the user the benefit of up to 12GB performance capacity.
“This means that users can literally run any game available on the local market and will not experience any freeze or distortion, irrespective of the technical specifications of the game,” says Gary Naidoo, deputy MD at Sahara.
Functionality and performance are the key selling points of Sahara’s Extreme Gaming PC.
The product incorporates the latest in Core 2 Extreme processor and comes with three 16X PCI-Express slots.
“Again we have doubled up on the performance of the PC, a factor that is considered a prerequisite for today’s digital lifestyle and gaming solutions. The PCI-Express slots can be used simultaneously to ensure a high speed gaming experience,” adds Naidoo. “It also runs off full SLi capability which results in higher speed and improved graphics performance.”
The device features a Foxconn Nvidia GeForce 8600 GTS 256MB PCI-Express graphics gaming card, 160GB Hard Disk Drive, 20x speed SATA DVD RW optical drive, DDRIII 2GB memory and an Intel Core 2 Extreme Q6600 CPU  2.4Ghz 8MB L2 Cache.
According to Naidoo, the technical specifications of this product, and the architecture upon which it is built, makes it a valuable consideration for any high volume, graphic-rich environment.
“Gamers will get maximum value from this product, but it is also a very clever investment for those who use technology for graphic design or advertising and marketing, for example,” says Naidoo.