MTN Business has joined the Mimecast channel as a Business Partner, the higher of the two strategic relationships that are offered by Mimecast.

“The Mimecast unique anti-spam and security solution works seamlessly with all existing E-mail systems to eliminate the problem of spam and spam management. Furthermore it solves widespread email problems and adds a rich set of supporting features, designed to create a secure, stable, manageable email environment for our customers,” says Buckley McGrath, executive at MTN Business.
A recent survey undertaken in the UK suggests that savings of up to 80% can be achieved through the deployment of a unified email management service that centrally manages, stores and secures all E-mails and ensures compliancy.
The Mimecast ‘Software as a Service’ solution is also very much in line with Gartner’s predictions and expectations as to how organisations will handle their application operations over the next few years.
“Mimecast Business Partners are typically experienced system integrators with skilled technical resources and a well established customer base, which MTN Business undoubtedly is," says Garth Wittles, MD of Mimecast SA.
"Our extended partnership cements a relationship that is already strong and very successful. We look forward to further growth and a mutually beneficial partnership over the coming months. To the benefit of our existing customers, Mimecast will soon be adding new services such as Mimecast Services for Outlook and SharePoint, which will add further value to our already rich platform."