China Telecom has selected Nokia Siemens Networks as the primary solutions provider for its video monitoring service, MegaEyes.

This video monitoring solution is an operator host IP based offering capable of providing high end images for remote monitoring.
Nokia Siemens Networks will support new broadband and multimedia services for China Telecom’s MegaEyes by leveraging its complete solution portfolio ranging from video monitoring platform to Consulting and Systems Integration, IMS, Network Security and Multi-media Service Delivery Platform.
China Telecom has identified MegaEyes as a strategic multimedia service that will drive new business opportunities and revenues for the company. Nokia Siemens Networks has been engaged to develop the next generation version of the product, migrating the existing solution into a mobile enabled offering.
Users will have access to the solution (camera) on a computer or handheld device that can log on to the Internet/Intranet. Consequently, it will provide corporate and individual users with an entirely new, objectively visual and range-extended auditory and vision management tool that can help improve work effectiveness and life experience.
Enhancing the usage ratio of broadband to IP backbone, the solution which is operator hosted is slated to be low cost and easy to deploy.
Leng Rongquan, vice-president of China Telecom, says: “Nokia Siemens Networks’ support for MegaEyes service development has been widely recognized by all parties of China Telecom. We see tremendous potential in MegaEyes which brings value to our customers and supports value added services development for China Telecom.
"Looking for a carrier grade solution partner, we chose Nokia Siemens Networks to support MegaEyes service and market development.”
Austen Lin, Head of China Telecom Customer Business Team at Nokia Siemens Networks Greater China Region, adds: “Leveraging our leading position in both mobile and fixed market, Nokia Siemens Networks has always been at the forefront of Fixed Mobile Convergence in helping operator customers explore new business opportunities.
"We are delighted about this MegaEyes partnership with China Telecom which is one of such examples. Here we successfully demonstrate our multimedia application leadership by introducing our consulting and systems integration capability, video monitoring platform, IMS as well as our industry leading network management systems.”