Faritec has launched a learnership programme which has been approved by ISETT Seta.

Faritec HR Manager Sharlene Naidoo says the aim of the initiative is to place newly-qualified IT graduates in suitable positions while reducing the risks faced by organisations.
“We believe there is a strong demand for greater facilitation of skills development, to create the necessary structures for effective transformation,” Naidoo says. “The local IT industry is under increasing pressure in the form of greater competition from globalisation and the urgent need to meet employment equity targets and close the skills gap.”
The Faritec learnership programme actively targets previously disadvantaged communities by identifying students who have completed a tertiary qualification in any IT field and are motivated to pursue a career in a suitably matched company.
At present, the learnership programme supports 33 students for a year, who are given an opportunity to gain experience. Once the programme has been completed, Faritec has the option to offer students full-time employment following a formal employment process.
“From an HR perspective, learnerships provide the opportunity to shape performance in line with company standards. At Faritec, it’s not about statistics or chasing targets, it’s about enabling people to improve the quality of their lives,” Naidoo says. “We are more interested in developing skills and improving performance than in grants or tax benefits.”
By building more partnerships, Faritec plans to achieve its aim of introducing more skilled individuals to the industry. The company endorses the learnership programme as a direct means to facilitate BEE employment in the most cost –and labour-effective manner.
“I believe that the success of learnerships should primarily be measured in terms of the placement or advancement of learners in some kind of income-generating activity,” Naidoo says.