The Ethekwini Hospital and Heart Centre (EHHC) has opted for software solutions from T-Systems and SAP to manage its new hospital in Durban.

A new, independent private hospital EHHC will provide a centre of excellence in cardiology and cardiac surgery.
The latest SAP technology is at the core of the hospital’s strategy to improve a range of office and medical practices.
Keith Bonsall, CEO of EHHC, says: “The goal is to automate core administrative and medical processes. Through greater efficiency, the hospital staff and patients will be able to focus on the business of healthcare and healing.”
As general contractor and implementation partner of SAP software, T-Systems will implement SAP solutions which cover back-office functions including financials, cost accounting, procurement, HR, payroll, patient administration and billing. T-Systems will also be using their own Industry Solution Health-Medical system ( for the medical processes.
Central to the clinical solution is the automation of medical processes; T-Systems, using the system that they co-own with Siemens Medical Solutions GSD, has implemented the Basis component, which covers clinical logistics aspects like resource scheduling and clinical orders. In addition, the surgery component will streamline the planning process for elective surgery including assigning surgical staff.
"There is also a radiology solution and a retail pharmacy solution which will help improve the process of ordering and replenishment of medication in realtime,” says Bonsall.
“These solutions mark the dawn of a new era in South African healthcare, staff will be properly equipped to deal effectively with a range of hospital issues. The automation of processes will essentially allow us to focus on providing the best possible healthcare to our patients,” he adds.
The finalisation of the first phase of a complete healthcare solution for the Ethekwini Hospital and Heart Centre is scheduled to be completed in June 2008.
“The benefit that a hospital group will obtain by using these SAP clinical solutions is tremendous. A total solution from a single source will make processes substantially more efficient. Through our world-wide experience in developing the solution in particular, we are in a unique position to provide these highly specialised solutions to South Africa’s healthcare industry,” says T-Systems CEO, Mardia van der Walt-Korsten.
“We will be using technology to allow nurses to spend more time at the bedside and improve the quality of care to patients,” adds Bonsall.
The Ethekwini Hospital and Heart Centre will have 250 beds, 40 consulting rooms, approximately 500 staff members, seven operating theatres and three digital operating rooms.