McAfee VirusScan Mobile, which is included in McAfee's Triple Play offer, is now available for download, currently offering market-leading defence for consumers' PCs and Internet experiences. The new mobile security component protects against threats that originate from e-mail, instant messages and multimedia downloads in various mobile devices.

Consumers who purchase McAfee Total Protection or McAfee Internet Security Suite get McAfee VirusScan Mobile at no additional charge.
"Mobile Internet use, which now involves everything from e-mail to payments and mobile security, will become of greater importance as threats evolve," says Chris van Niekerk, regional director: Africa at McAfee. "While not yet widespread, McAfee Avert Labs has identified 450 different mobile threat variants, including viruses and spyware that can threaten devices and personal information. McAfee VirusScan Mobile is proactive protection, providing customers with the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are protected today against the mobile threats of the future."
McAfee VirusScan Mobile is designed from the ground up to provide mobile protection. It guards against threats and protects the device at entry points, including SMS, MMS and e-mail. It automatically scans incoming and outgoing data for malicious code and continuously monitors and analyses mobile data and files. VirusScan Mobile also seamlessly interacts with McAfee's Avert Labs for the latest protection updates.
Infections from mobile malware can occur through message attachments, application downloads, Bluetooth communication and PC synchronisation. Hackers are increasingly using sophisticated social engineering tactics to trick users to confirm the installation of mobile malware and public mobile Internet sites have also been used to propagate malicious software.
Examples of recent mobile threats include viruses like "Duts" and "Xrove". "Duts" attaches its viral code to executable files and proved how a virus can spread within a Windows Mobile device. "Xrove" demonstrated how a Windows mobile device can get infected via PC synchronisation. Mobile variants of spyware and phishing over text messaging have been identified as well.
Currently, McAfee VirusScan Mobile supports Microsoft Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone and Windows Mobile 6 Standard Edition devices.