METRO Group, one of the world’s largest retailing companies, has selected MicroStrategy as the BI provider for its Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) initiatives.

As part of its Future Store Initiative, METRO Group has been testing a wide range of applications to improve customer service and help its retailing and logistics sectors make their supply chains more efficient and transparent.
In late October, METRO Group completed a major step in the nationwide operational deployment of the RFID technology in 180 locations in Germany, the largest operational rollout in the European retail sector.
METRO Group selected MicroStrategy as the sole BI provider to support its RFID initiatives, producing reports and statistics that result from tracking products from the manufacturer to the warehouse to its stores.
In a pilot program, METRO Group placed an RFID transponder, which stores a product's Electronic Product Code (EPC), on each of the 30,000 products in the men’s fashion department at Galeria Kaufhof in Essen. RFID readers are installed between storage areas and the sales floor, enabling employees to identify a product’s EPC quickly and conveniently without physical or optical contact.
MicroStrategy provides multiple reports that are updated when the products are moved. Customers are also able to quickly access product information, including details on the manufacturer, size, and price.
METRO Group is also piloting Smart Dressing Rooms, which recognise a garment via RFID and, on a display located in the dressing room, provide the customer with useful information such as price, material, care instructions, available sizes, and colours. Another planned feature informs customers of complementary products, so when a shopper tries on a pair of pants, a matching shirt will appear on the screen.
"We are pleased to add MicroStrategy to our impressive group of technology partners for our exciting Future Store Initiative,” says Dr Gerd Wolfram, MD of MGI METRO Group Information Technology. “With RFID and vital business intelligence data from MicroStrategy, we can run our operations more efficiently and give our customers a completely new kind of shopping experience."
“MicroStrategy is delighted to play an active role in METRO Group’s Future Store Initiative,” says Sanju Bansal, MicroStrategy’s COO. "Our business intelligence platform is well-suited for dynamic retailers, such as METRO Group, with the scalability and flexibility to analyze large volumes of transactional data and provide valuable information that can help retailers improve store operations and enhance customer service.”