CA has announced a series of initiatives to help customers derive maximum long-term business value from their investments in mainframe computing technology.

The role of the mainframe continues to evolve as enterprises become increasingly dependent on highly scalable, highly available and highly secure IT services capable of supporting large-scale database activity and intense transaction loads.
At the same time, people with the skills necessary to manage mainframe platforms are becoming more expensive to hire and more difficult to find. IT organisations are therefore under significant pressure to improve the efficiency and effectiveness with which they govern, manage and secure their mainframe environments.
With these initiatives, CA is empowering its customers to successfully respond to these escalating pressures.
“Mainframe systems power global business and support today’s most critical and scalable applications,” says Maria Medvedeva, CA’s regional director of technical sales. “CA’s new mainframe management initiatives demonstrate once again that we are the premier management partner for companies seeking to fully leverage this essential computing platform.”
The initiatives include new mainframe suites, new no-cost consulting services and simplified models for pricing and licensing.
CA’s new Mainframe Suites streamline management operations and ensure optimum performance. The Suites include Performance Management, Security Management, Tape Utilisation and Compliance, Resource Management, Database Performance Management and Automated Storage Optimisation.
CA’s new Mainframe Value Programme is a no-charge consulting service. Under this programme, CA’s technical specialists assess customers’ requirements and implementations and then make recommendations in order to ensure optimal return on investment.
CA’s new simplified software license agreements and new pricing model ease purchasing and renewals, while also providing customers with discounts as their mainframe capacity grows.