3Com and 3Com Open Network (3Com|ON) Program member Expand Networks has announced the delivery of wide area network (WAN) optimisation as a 3Com Open Services Networking (OSN) application on the new 3Com MSR Series Multi-Service Router platform.

Jointly tested and validated, the Expand Networks Compass WAN Optimisation solution solves the main issues of congestion and latency on the WAN through its tight integration with the network fabric via OSN. This application addresses the needs of both managed service providers and enterprise branch offices.
“Enterprises and service providers demand the highest level of performance from their networks without having to add new hardware in order to gain the business benefits of new technologies,” says Scott Hilton, vice-president: enterprise products at 3Com.  “Expand Networks’ WAN Optimisation as a 3Com OSN application on our new MSR Series delivers the performance organisations seek with the simplicity of deployment and management they expect.
"The same routing platform that handles traffic at a branch office or for a managed service provider now also delivers powerful WAN optimisation.”
Expand Networks WAN Optimisation technology focuses on performance, using low latency, lossless techniques that work on all applications and consistently delivers bandwidth increases up to 1 000%. Combined with Layer 7 Quality of Service (QoS), Expand’s solution includes technology to combat congestion, prioritise traffic, mark packets for downstream QoS handling, and rate control shaping to make sure flows get the bandwidth they need.  
This solution is ideal for managed service providers and small, medium and large enterprises with multiple branch offices that need real-time access to information and data.
“Networked applications are at the core of every organisation today,” says David White, vice-president: business development at Expand Networks. “We believe 3Com OSN delivered on this Multi-Service Router platform will simplify and consolidate IT infrastructures, deliver tighter integration capabilities than proprietary solutions and, with the addition of Expand’s WAN Optimisation technology, ensure all applications are accelerated over any WAN.”
The Expand WAN Application Accelerator Module on the MSR enables customers to leverage a high-performance WAN Optimisation solution that will increase their network and application performance, visibility and real-time traffic monitoring.
Implementing an Expand WAN optimisation solution means higher end user satisfaction, reduced operational costs, streamlined business operations and increased productivity all without an expensive WAN bandwidth upgrade. Additionally, the router-based solution enables integration simplicity through a common architecture and enables remote management and monitoring of the branch office.
3Com OSN enables a rich and diverse set of third-party, open source and 3Com applications and services to run seamlessly inside the network infrastructure. OSN is the industry’s first open platform that integrates best-of-breed applications into the network infrastructure, enabling organisations to deliver differentiated services, operational simplicity and cost savings, while proactively addressing ever-changing business needs.
OSN enables managed service providers and system integrators to differentiate their service offerings with third-party, internally developed or open source applications to meet their customers’ ever-changing needs, which results in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.
In line with the evolving WAN optimisation  market, the 3COM partnership is an integral part of Expand’s OEM strategy and vision: enable any company, anywhere to benefit from WAN optimisation.
Organisational networks are as unique as the businesses they support. It is clear that more enterprises, IT professionals and C-Level decision makers are exploring WAN Optimisation. Expand believes that choice will become one of the key market mandates over the next 18-24 months.
“Tomorrow’s customers will dictate diversity – challenging WAN Optimisation companies to think out of the box and provide new approaches for their customers’ ever-evolving networks and businesses,” says Elie Barr, CEO of Expand Networks. “This means the integration of WAN optimisation into routers and switches, the development of software-only and virtualization solutions and the bundling of WAN optimisation into managed services offerings.
"For Expand, the 3Com relationship is a keystone towards fulfilling customer demand for optimizing their networks on a platform of their choice.”