Aspect Software announced the general availability of Aspect Unified IP 6.5.1, the latest version of the product including localisation for German, Japanese, Colombian Spanish, Portuguese and Korean.

In the first quarter of 2008, Aspect Unified IP 6.5.1 users will also be able to leverage the realtime reporting capabilities of Unified Command and Control for consolidated real-time reporting across multiple sites and applications through an intuitive, graphical display.
As part of this new release, Aspect Unified IP 6.5.1 leverages server virtualisation through the use of VMware, helping users to take advantage of smaller physical footprints and providing faster time to market.  The product also includes a new manual answer feature, required by the German contact center industry and in demand around the world, that will empower agents to take a call when they choose.
“Aspect Software uses Aspect Unified IP in all of our worldwide contact centers to manage interactions with our customers and partners,” says Serge Hyppolite, director of product management, Aspect Software. “We implemented Aspect Unified IP 6.5.1 in our European contact center, and the results were excellent. It continues to reduce complexity in managing our multiple contact center sites around the world and we’re already seeing higher productivity and reduced costs.”
In addition to new localisation, virtualisation and manual answer capabilities, Aspect Unified IP 6.5.1 also provides:
* An Agent-on-Demand feature that enables a contact center to engage a remote agent whenever needed. This feature will help companies save on long-distance and IP bandwidth costs, while still having access to at-home or branch agents when call volumes increase.
* A web services interface with a complete Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) Software Developer’s Kit. This powerful kit allows for a wide variety of custom integrations to be created, giving contact centres an integrated agent desktop and the flexibility to customize how applications interoperate with Aspect Unified IP.
 “As 2007 draws to a close, we are very excited about the new capabilities and direction for Aspect Unified IP,” Hyppolite adds. “This release will benefit our worldwide customer base and any organisation that is looking to take advantage of a unified approach. With the improved localisation features, virtualization capabilities, high availability and web services interfaces for integrations, our contact center customers will have greater flexibility to better meet the needs of their customers.”
Aspect Unified IP is a session initiation protocol (SIP)-based Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) unified contact center solution that provides automatic call distribution (ACD), predictive dialing, voice portal capabilities, Internet contact, workflow management, multichannel recording and quality management to help organizations achieve their customer service, collections and sales and telemarketing business process goals.
The release of Aspect Unified IP 6.5.1 and upcoming versions continues to provide enhancements in reliability and security, greater localisation features, and expanded communication options through SIP-enabled VoIP.