Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories has announced a major addition to its partner certification options – the Gvalidated Application Integration initiative – and simplification to the Partner Program.

 "Genesys is committed to driving business value and quality for customers through its partner network, and will make it easier to locate partners with validated integrations suitable for their needs," says Paul Segre, president and CEO of Genesys. "We continue to invest in resources for them and recognise the importance of our business partners."
Gvalidated Application Integration is designed to validate and recognise the applications that partners have developed and successfully integrated with the Genesys platform. Partners work with Genesys Product Management and Professional Services to test developed applications or integration according to specific requirements.
Upon successful completion and documentation, the tested integration becomes branded as "Gvalidated," meaning that the application has passed the required tests, performed as expected and has been developed according to recommended methodologies. Customers can be assured that the integration between a partner product and Genesys has been tested for both functional and technical soundness, and the product is expected to perform as designed.
Gvalidated status is highly selective. Genesys provides a validation on the architecture, design, testing processes and documentation of the partner to ensure that the integrated software has adhered to and met Genesys standards. A Gvalidated Application is valid for two years and each application must be re-certified when changes or enhancements are made to an application.
Genesys has also simplified the Genesys Partner Program. Rather than apply to multiple programs, all Genesys Partners can participate in one coordinated program with multiple "a la carte" options. The Genesys Partner Program is the initial entry-point for all partners in a business relationship with Genesys. Partners join the program at a "tier" level that grants access and benefits accordingly.
Key elements of the new Genesys Partner Program include:
* Consolidation of the existing InterActs and InterWorks Partner Programs into a centralised program to provide greater flexibility for partners and help customers to identify suitable partners.
* Gold Certification that recognises the top partners who have the skills and a proven track record of deploying Genesys solutions.
* New Genesys resources for key industry-specific solutions, through a process that identifies, assesses, and targets high value-add assets and provides go-to-market resources.
* Enhanced visibility for Partners in the soon to be released Partner Directory. It becomes much easier for customers to find the best Genesys partners suitable to their needs.