Informatica’s Release 8.5 has been awarded gold status by, the Web’s data management resource for IT and business leaders, Product of the Year 2007 analysis.

Judges labelled it the most pragmatic of all the nominees in the data integration category.
“Informatica has once again been recognised for its innovation and leadership in the data integration market,” says Paul van Aswegen, GM of Informatica South Africa.
“This time Informatica 8.5, a combination of PowerCenter, PowerExchange and Informatica Data Quality, triumphed over competitors to be considered the best product in its market.”
Informatica Release 8.5 addresses enterprises’ growing need for multifunctional data integration platforms.
Rather than hand-coding approaches or the small, standalone tools that had traditionally dominated data integration processes, more organisations are seeking platform-based methods. A single platform architecture, such as Release 8.5, promises to help enterprises better deliver data required by enabling data access on a timely basis, regardless of source or format.
The 8.5 Release also incorporates new realtime capabilities, such as changed data capture. Realtime integration functions help organisations gain access to their most timely and trusted data, enabling more agile, competitive operations.
The new breed of platforms also increasingly incorporate data quality capabilities.
Informatica Release 8.5 includes many data quality functions, as well as a new Web-based Data Quality Dashboard and Reporting option, enabling enterprises to share data quality reports and metrics.
The new Data Quality Assistant helps business users review and edit low-quality records and enables a complete audit trail of all changes. The release also introduces updated metadata management capabilities, including personalised data lineage to help deliver enterprise-wide visibility into complex data relationships that enables more productive development.