VMware has enhanced its Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution with the new VMware Virtual Desktop Manager 2.

Available immediately, VMware Desktop Manager 2 allows users to securely connect to their virtual desktops in the data centre and gives IT administrators an easy and cost-effective way to manage virtual desktops.  Major industry leaders, including Dell, HP, IBM, NEC and Wyse Technology, have embraced and extended VMware's virtual desktop solution, making it a complete desktop virtualisation solution for the enterprise.
VMware VDI integrates VMware Infrastructure 3 and VMware Virtual Desktop Manager 2 and provides an easy-to-manage desktop virtualization solution that takes advantage of virtualization technology used by more than 100,000 organizations. VMware VDI streamlines desktop management, reduces operational costs and provides business continuity capabilities that until now were available only for mission-critical server applications.
By leveraging the capabilities of VMware Infrastructure 3, no other desktop virtualisation solution offers comparable enterprise-class performance, reliability, security, manageability and seamless integration in a single solution.
VMware Virtual Desktop Manager 2 is a desktop management server that connects users to virtual desktops in the data center. With VMware Virtual Desktop Manager 2, end users can securely access their virtual desktops using either a personal computer or thin client. The product's easy-to-use interface lets administrators manage thousands of desktops at once, and reduces the time it takes to provision a new desktop from hours to minutes.
"Our customers are deploying VMware desktop virtualization solutions in greater and greater numbers," says Jeff Jennings, vice-president of desktop products and solutions at VMware.  "Our expanded VDI solution now provides these organizations with a complete and integrated end-to-end desktop virtualization solution. Customers can now manage virtual desktops with greater levels of operational efficiency, flexibility, and security."
VMware also works with numerous ecosystem partners to embrace and extend its desktop virtualization solution.