Buffalo Technology has upgraded its full range of USB Flash drives to include its high-performance TurboUSB technology, which improves read speeds by up to 22%.  Spectrum Multimedia is the sole Buffalo distributor in South Africa.

The Super-High Speed flash drive (Type-R), available in capacities of up to 16GB for storing and transporting all types of files, offers actual performance of up to 38Mbps.  The High-Speed flash drive (Type-S) offers 32Mbps. Low-cost models, the Compact Retractable (Type-S) and Compact (Type-K) models, offer 24Mbps.
All models, including the low-cost options, support Windows ReadyBoost for improving the performance of PCs running Microsoft Windows Vista, without the inconvenience and cost of upgrading the PC’s system memory (RAM). They also come equipped with Buffalo Technology’s Secure Lock Ware technology to protect data through encryption.
Spectrum Multimedia’s Buffalo product director Patrick Benade says: “Buffalo’s proprietary TurboUSB technology meets increasing demand from consumers who require access to important documents, music and films on the move.”
“The addition of Windows ReadyBoost, even to the low-cost models, also gives consumers the option of improving the performance of their PCs even if they do not have the confidence to upgrade their system memory.”