It’s a new year and tertiary institutions have produced hundreds of newly qualified graduates all seeking careers in various fields. Given the dearth of skills in the country it is imperative that recruitment processes are effective and efficient.

Career Junction created an interactive online recruitment technology, iTalent to assist corporates to manage their own processes. However, it is making a noteworthy contribution in matching skills to the job market by supporting graduate placement programmes.
Little attention is generally paid to the graduate skills pool especially at a job entry level due to the amount of nurturing involved. iTalent has defied this perception by spotlighting this talent pool.
Since its launch in 2006 iTalent established a direct interaction with institutions of higher learning to ensure readiness and alignment of graduate talent to the world of work as early as possible. While tertiary students would traditionally remain in the student mode until the very end of their course, iTalent is making headways in changing the culture by enabling them to take employment opportunities during the course of study.
iTalent is leading this mind shift by using its current clients – University of Johannesburg, University of Pretoria and North West University as conduits. Special packages are sold to companies through the universities in which they are provided with a Careers page, Career Zone for their students to load their resumes on and for them to advertise their jobs.
Various opportunities can be advertised via iTalent including casual employment, bursary opportunities, internship and vacation employment, development programmes, learnerships and graduate opportunities. Career Zone allows companies to display job ads, maintain their own identity and branding while receiving all the benefits of iTalent’s cutting edge technology.
The system benefits students by ensuring that once their profiles are on a particular company’s database they become readily available for reference and consideration for matching jobs.
North West University’s Bernice Smit gives the programme a thumbs-up as she has found it to be “quite a user-friendly and time-effective tool for students to interact directly with potential employers for access to a variety of employment opportunities”.
iTalent also supports and sponsors other graduate programmes with similar objectives such as the South African Graduate Recruitment Association (SAGRA). SAGRA held its conference late in November 2007 with the financial support of iTalent among other sponsors.