The digital print sector is growing at a fast pace and environmental issues are moving further up the agenda.

This is according to the chief executive of Océ Netherlands, Rokus van Iperen, who says the market was shaping up well, with steady annual growth predicted in all segments. Digital is growing at an average rate of 11% per year.
“We are in a very strong position worldwide at the moment,” he says. “The new products we have released are making great inroads into all sectors – commercial printing, wide- and super-wide format and document process outsourcing. All three markets are big and the forthcoming year looks to be very exciting and promising.”
Van Iperen highlights Océ's mono high-speed challenger, the VarioPrint 6000, as a key product. The series was recently the first digital press to go carbon positive, doubling its offsetting compared to other schemes.
“Sustainability is a very important element for the group – we have made that explicit in our strategy,” said van Iperen. “An increasing number of our customers are paying more and more attention to environmental matters.”
Van Iperen adds that customers are now looking more at front-end options before buying digital presses.
“A number of big contracts have been won thanks to our software side. The customer looks firstly at the workflow.”