Canon SA has revitalised the Standard Definition (SD) market with the launch of its Megapixel Canon Digital Video Camcorders FS11, FS10 and FS100 with flash memory.

Featuring great aesthetics, the camcorders haven been designed to appeal to all types of moviemakers: from teens at a party, to office workers on a night out and grandparents on holiday.
Plus, thanks to solid state memory, the FS range offers storage capacity previously only in available in Hard Disk Drive (HDD) models.
The Dual Flash Memory FS11 and FS10 give users the option of shooting to standard SD/SDHC memory cards or internal memory – either 16GB (FS11) or 8GB (FS10), offering up to over 10 hours or over 5 hours of recording respectively.
Additionally, with ever-larger SDHC memory cards now on the market, users can easily increase the overall recording capacity of these models, all the while retaining the ability to just pick up and shoot when a card isn’t to hand.
The FS100 records to SD/SDHC memory cards only – compact and easily removable, they are ideal for sharing with friends and family.
The FS series is testament to the fact that Canon remains committed to refining and improving our camcorder range, making the latest technologies available to every user,” says Roger Machin, product manager at Canon Consumer Imaging SA.
The new FS series features include:
* Dual Flash Memory imaging devices recording to SD/SDHC and internal memory (FS11 and FS10) – for high capacity and responsive control
* Direct to SD/SDHC recording (FS100) – perfect for sharing
* Stylish, lightweight design that incorporates a high resolution Megapixel CCD with True Wide High Resolution 16:9 recording
* New 45x Advanced Zoom with genuine Canon video lens and DIGIC DV II processor
* Compatible with Canon’s new standalone Canon DVD Burner DW-100
* New Intelligent battery system displays remaining recording time (accurate to the minute)
* Still image capture to internal memory (FS11 and FS10) or SD memory card
* Microphone input connection for superior quality audio
* Software Solution Disk and Application Disk supplied.
Canon’s Dual Flash Memory system (available in the FS11 and FS10) combines internal flash memory and SD/SDHC memory card recording.
The advantages of internal memory are numerous: there are no hidden media costs and no need to carry spares around –users can just pick up and shoot whenever they want.
Plus, as the FS11 and FS10 allow movies to be shot directly to SD/SDHC memory cards, they are equally equipped for situations requiring more storage.
Flash camcorders offer several key advantages. Along with lower power consumption and faster start up times, flash memory is physically smaller than tapes, DVDs, and Hard Disk Drives. And since flash involves no moving parts, each camcorder can withstand bumps and knocks without endangering stored footage.
With a 45x Advanced Zoom, the FS series sets a new standard. The Advanced Zoom system allows users to capture distant events – such as the action of a sports match – clearly. Combining the quality of a genuine Canon optical zoom lens with the processing power of the unique DIGIC DV II image processor, users can get closer to the action than ever before.
The FS11, FS10 and FS100 are compatible with Canon’s new standalone Canon DVD Burner DW-100. The burner connects directly to the camcorder, allowing videos to be copied to a full-size DVD without the need for a computer.
Combining video recording with advanced digital photography features, the FS11, FS10 and FS100 capture high quality stills. Photos are easily transferred to a computer via USB. A Canon Solution Disk, supplied with every model, helps users store, enhance and manage their digital still photos.
Lastly, each FS series model features a microphone input connection, allowing quality audio to be captured.