Internet Solutions (IS) has partnered with Nology, a distributing agent of Broadband and Networking products, for the supply of Billion ADSL routers. This forms part of a comprehensive bundle optimised for South African Business ADSL users.

The IS Business ADSL service allows customers to connect with uncapped bandwidth and includes various value added services such as, 5 Static IP addresses, Anti-spam, incoming Fax and the most recent addition, optional VoIS (Voice over IP).
In order to offer such a comprehensive bundled service, IS requested that various suppliers respond with alternative and innovative devices that would allow the functionality required for the IS ADSL service.
After thoroughly testing a number of devices, IS chose to engage with Nology.
Alan Bacher, Internet access business unit manager at IS, explains: "IS chose Nology for a number of reasons. The main reason being that even though extensive customisation was required with the Billion router in order to fit our requirements, throughout the process Nology readily responded to our requests, problem solving and leveraging of their Global relationship with Billion, which allowed the delivery of an ADSL Router that could cater for our requirements to offer a Bundled Business ADSL Solution."
Riaan Leuschner, MD of Nology says: "One of our key differentiators is that we work extremely closely with our vendors and have a relationship that goes beyond simply shipping the product and moving boxes. This solid relationship allows us to extend the supply of the product with development and integration to suit our client's exact requirements."
One of the key strengths of the Billion router is that it enables the IS customer to readily add their VoIS (Voice over IP) service in conjunction with IS Business ADSL.
Bacher adds: "As a business grows and develops, so do their Internet and connectivity requirements. Should a customer see the need to add the VoIS functionality, we can do so easily and without any resultant equipment changes or upgrades. Looking at the future of IS Business ADSL, we are confident that our ongoing partnership with Nology will no doubt lead to the introduction of a number of new and exciting service offerings."