Expand Networks is enabling enterprises to achieve the full benefits of WAN optimisation and enhanced application performance with the use of its transparency mode – the industry’s first technology to enable non-disruptive integration with network features.

“The WAN is a hostile environment and characteristics such as latency, congestion and bandwidth limitations all have a negative impact on application performance. Organisations deploy additional network features such as MPLS, security and monitoring to affect these performance drops, but without transparency they will be severely limited in their ability to roll out these services and improve application performance,” says Brandon Rochat, sales director: Expand Networks Africa.
“With transparency mode, enterprises are able to enhance application performance as well as implement new services in the most complicated infrastructures where other vendors would fear to trend.”
Advanced networking features and services rely on IP packet header information to be effective and in WAN environments, full or partial packet transparency is essential for the successful integration of these features. In order to provide full transparency for compressed traffic such as SAP, Lotus, Oracle applications, Exchange and Citrix, Expand Networks was the first vendor to offer “transparency mode”, which preserves the full IP header and TCP and UDP headers, and provides the network with full visibility of all IP flows.
In using transparency mode, all of an enterprise’s current and future services are guaranteed to function effectively enabling full integration between the Expand Networks Compass platform’s compression and acceleration algorithms and guaranteeing compatibility with all current and future advanced WAN technologies, even in the most complicated environments.
Operating in a very complex environment running a VPN service based on MPLS technology, one of South Africa’s largest wholesalers can testify the success of Expand’s transparency mode. Each of the company’s remote site routers provides for a multilayered QoS configuration, as well as tight security controls through the use of access list filters.
Due to the requirement of being able to natively identify every individual IP packet for both QoS and security tagging, total transparency was needed from all devices that would be installed in this network. After exhaustive testing, the Expand Compass proved to be the only solution that could be deployed without having to re-configure the network and has now been deployed at more than 100 of the company’s offices.
With transparency mode already making its mark on various local industries, Expand Networks has thus again proved that it pays to “think out the box” when it comes to your WAN. By enabling complete visibility of all IP flows, companies look set to realise all the benefits of WAN optimisation