The Intel SS4200 family, an entry-level network attached storage (NAS) system, is now available through Annex Distribution, local distributor of Intel-based products.

This solution is aimed at the SoHo and small business environment and digital home, and can work with multiple operating systems and software applications. It connects to a Gigabit Ethernet network and supports up to four SATA hard disk drives.
“Intel predicts that by 2009 the average consumer will possess nearly one terabyte of digital data in the home and this is being driven by the increase in digital lifestyle product expenditure and use,” says Ravi Perumal, general manager at Annex Distribution. “As a local distribution partner to Intel we are pleased to have in stock this new system that will help our reseller base make a difference to this growing segment of the overall digital lifestyle and ICT market.”
The Intel SS4200 system family offers up a number of key advantages that translate into genuine value for the small business owner or home user, including performance; reliability, flexibility and time to market.
The solution incorporates out-of-the-box RAID and Retrospect backup software that combine to deliver the necessary security to protect data. This facility can be configured to offer automatic notification of any issues that may arise.
There is an additional four USB 2.0 ports and four SATA ports (3 gigabits per second) ensures greater performance and connectivity with most digital devices and networks.
A key advantage of the device is the offer of centralised storage of multimedia applications.
“Products hardware is validated by Intel and the vendor also backs up solutions with a three year warranty and support. One of the key features of this line of storage solutions is flexibility, emphasised through aspects such as expandability through eSATA ports and USB, as well as a customisable shell,” adds Perumal.
This storage system runs off Intel Celeron Processor 420 to ensure good performance and power saving, and the Intel architecture-based system expands on software options thereby ensure a comprehensive solution to market.
“We anticipate a strong reaction from the home user market and small business sector fuelled by growth in the digital lifestyle sector,” says Perumal.