LogiXML, a global provider of interactive, Web-based Business Intelligence, has announced Logi 9, the newest release of the company’s popular business intelligence (BI) platform.

The new Logi 9 BI Platform takes Web-based BI to a new level of operational capability that works effectively for small to mid-size organisations as well as world-class enterprises. Logi 9 is a unified platform that supports more than 300 BI features out of the box; organisations can apply these features to their BI implementation as needed.
“LogiXML is asserting its leadership in Web-based business intelligence with the launch of the new Logi 9 BI platform,” says local LogiXML representative Wayne Wrigley. “Key upgrades include even more user-friendly and Web 2.0-style elements, a wide variety of visualisation and personalisation options and a Widget building tool.
"At the same time Logi 9 is introducing a new ETL product that enables easy data integration for customers, and new data management features and powerful scalability capabilities via the Logi Hybrid Data Engine.”
In addition, Logi 9 sets the stage for platform independence on both .Net and Java. The Java version of the flagship Logi Info product is available now and will be extended to the entire platform this year.
LogiXML established the unified Web-based BI Platform as a clearly differentiated BI layer, a sharp contrast from piecemeal offerings from traditional BI vendors. The Logi 8 BI Platform, introduced in January 2007, set a new bar for delivering a full set of managed reporting capabilities that included Ajax-enabled Dashboards and a wide range of visualisation options, ad hoc reporting and data integration to provide customers with a flexible level of access to information for analysis.
Today, the Logi 9 BI Platform extends these core business benefits while enhancing data integration with a variety of data sources, powerful scalability, support for Web-based collaboration, and expanding the business intelligence delivery options for customers and partners.
The new Logi Hybrid Data Engine in Logi 9 empowers organisations to process reports that access large numbers of records or to support a large volume of users. Logi Hybrid Data Engine is fully tunable to balance user and system requirements to deliver performance and scalability.
“The need for BI to be more flexible and integrated into the enterprise and the information and services on the Internet is a reality today,” said Mark Smith, CEO & EVP Research, Ventana Research. “LogiXML and the capabilities in version 9 represents the next generation of BI that leverages Internet scale and performance technology and capabilities on a common platform to meet the diverse needs of business and IT.”