Citrix Systems has announced Citrix Delivery Centre, a new overarching product family brand for its market-leading application delivery infrastructure solutions. The Citrix Delivery Centre product family features four primary product lines: Citrix XenServer, Citrix XenDesktop, Citrix NetScaler and Citrix XenApp – the new name for Citrix Presentation Server.

Citrix also unveiled a new tool called Citrix Workflow Studio designed to help customers unlock the full power of Citrix Delivery Centre by orchestrating communications across multiple Citrix products as well as third-party solutions.
The new Citrix Delivery Centre brand reflects the growing need for IT organisations to transform static datacentres into dynamic “delivery centres.” By definition, datacentres have historically been static warehouses of applications and data, oriented more toward long-term production projects than highly-responsive, on-demand service delivery.
Unfortunately, this outdated model makes it extremely difficult to keep pace with today’s fast-paced business environment where companies must contend with a constant barrage of new applications, new devices, new competitive pressures and an increasingly mobile workforce. In an era where businesses run on applications, the ability to deliver applications and desktops to any user, anytime, anywhere from a secure central location is rapidly becoming a core focus for most IT organisations. By providing an end-to-end infrastructure for application delivery, Citrix Delivery Centre is the first solution on the market to address this challenge across all applications, all networks, and all users.
“In today’s volatile business environment, the traditional deployment of applications leaves a lot to be desired by enterprise organisations,” says Michael Rose, research analyst at IDC. “With the increasing number of mobile workers, computing locations, applications and user scenarios, an application delivery infrastructure enables a dynamic and flexible way of providing applications to users. Citrix Delivery Centre presents a unique way to help orchestrate the critical pieces of the infrastructure required for true application delivery.”
The Citrix Delivery Centre product family ties together the company’s four key application delivery infrastructure systems. Customers will continue to have full flexibility and choice to buy individual products or combined solutions within the family or take advantage of them as an end-to-end application delivery solution. The Citrix Delivery Centre product family includes:
* Citrix XenServer – The XenServer product line is an enterprise-class solution for virtualising application workloads across any number of servers in the datacentre as a flexible aggregated pool of computing resources. With the new Platinum Edition, XenServer also becomes the first and only solution on the market to address both virtual and physical servers, making the entire datacentre more dynamic (news on this will follow soon).
* Citrix NetScaler – The NetScaler product line is a purpose-built web application delivery solution that accelerates application performance up to five times while improving security and reducing web infrastructure costs.
* Citrix XenApp – The company’s flagship application virtualisation product line, previously known as Presentation Server, is the industry’s de facto standard for delivering Windows-based applications with the best performance, security and cost savings. The new XenApp name was chosen to better reflect the product’s core focus on application virtualisation, and to underscore the importance of providing customers with an end-to-end virtualisation system that incorporates servers (XenServer), applications (XenApp) and desktops (XenDesktop).
* Citrix XenDesktop – XenDesktop is the industry’s first comprehensive Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) system – moving beyond the limitations of existing products to ensure the simple, secure and cost effective delivery of Windows desktops to any office worker with an unparalleled user experience.
The Citrix Delivery Centre product family also includes all Citrix solutions that go to market as part of the above four product lines, including Citrix Access Gateway, Citrix EdgeSight, Citrix Password Manager, Citrix Provisioning Server and Citrix WANScaler. These products, which enhance the value of application delivery for all applications and desktops and serve as key differentiators to the four primary Citrix Delivery Centre product lines, will continue to be available both as standalone solutions.