Addressing demand from over-the-counter industries, Esquire Technologies announced the local availability of the cost effective Seiko Precision FB-380 and FB-390 dot-matrix flatbed printers.

The FB-380 and 390 are serial impact dot-matrix 24-pin flatbed printers, which have been designed specifically for service desk, cash registers and over-the-counter printing applications where speed, reliability, durability, ease of use and good print quality are increasingly important.
The two printers have been optimised for high speed invoice, protocol, bill or ticket printing in standard or multicopy applications, such as those found in pharmacies, doctors offices, hospitals, banks, insurance, logistics and transportation, postal services, travel agencies and tax offices.
Mahomed Cassim, Esquire's Sales and Marketing Director says, "The printers are fast and maximise productivity with speeds of up to 340cps on the 390 model and both print at speeds of five inches per second. Both printers incorporate special cassette type black fabric ribbons that offer a 3-million character lifespan on the FB-380 and a 4-million character lifespan on the FB-390."
Quick and easy manual adjustment for paper type and thickness as well as high impact force in several copy modes make the printers easy to operate with simple, fast connection, provided by standard parallel and USB interfaces sealing the deal.