Your BlackBerry smartphone allows you to share life experiences with those you care about through email messages, phone calls, text messaging, pictures, and even music.

Now users can play the music on their BlackBerry smartphone wirelessly through a home or portable stereo with the BlackBerry Remote Stereo Gateway.
Its easy to use, plug the unit into your sound system, then walk away. Use the Bluetooth connection to change tracks, adjust the volume and play or pause the music – without having to be near your stereo. Carry your music on one device so that you can enjoy it anywhere.
The BlackBerry Stereo Gateway is small, stylish and easy to use.  Just a finger tap on its touch-sensitive surface will bring it to life or put it to sleep. It can support up to eight different devices and is also compatible with other media players enabled with the A2DP stereo Bluetooth profile.
Currently certified to ship in Canada, the USA, Hong Kong, Australasia and the European Union, the BlackBerry Remote Stereo Gateway will be available in-market from the end of February and is compatible with the  BlackBerry Pearl, BlackBerry Curve and BlackBerry 8800 product series.