Canon has introduced a fresh addition to its Digital IXUS range: the 8.0 Megapixel Digital IXUS 80 IS. Available in four subtle colour variations, the Digital IXUS 80 IS incorporates Canon’s intelligent automatic features that produce flawless snapshots which includes the company’s new Motion Detection Technology.

The Digital IXUS 80 IS also incorporates proven Canon technologies such as a 2.5” PureColor LCD II screen, DIGIC III image processor and 3x zoom with optical Image Stabilizer (IS).
“The Digital IXUS 80 IS is an intelligent camera that has all the features and good looks that have become so synonymous with our IXUS rage,” comments Roger Machin, product manager at Canon Consumer Imaging SA.
Features include:
* Stylish perpetual curve design available in four colours
* 8.0 Megapixel image sensor
* 3.0 optical zoom lens with optical Image Stabilizer
* High ISO Auto with new Motion Detection Technology
* Face Detection Technology with new White Balance and Face Select & Track functions
* DIGIC III with Noise Reduction technology
* Automatic Red-Eye Correction in shooting and playback
* 2.5-inch PureColor LCD II
* 18 shooting modes including new Sunset mode and My Colors photo effects
* Extensive movie options including VGA 30fps, Long Play and Time Lapse movie modes.
The Digital IXUS 80 IS’s perpetual curve design incorporates pure aluminium, giving the camera a smooth yet solid texture and the unmistakable feel of quality that is inherent throughout the Digital IXUS range. Available in four colours – Classic Silver, Caramel, Chocolate and Candy Pink – the camera undoubtedly offers users the chance to express their personality.
The IXUS 80 IS’s Motion Detection Technology furthers Canon’s drive to make high quality images universally achievable. Activated when High ISO Auto is selected, the technology uses data gathered from four sources – Face Detection Technology, the optical Image Stabilizer, scene brightness and subject movement – to detect and calculate the appropriate exposure values. Blur is eliminated by boosting ISO to the optimum level between ISO 80-800.
The system works intelligently, increasing ISO only when needed, avoiding the unnecessary increase in noise caused by other, less-intelligent, systems.
In a first for an entry level Digital IXUS, the Digital IXUS 80 IS includes a 3x optical Zoom with Canon’s lens-shift type optical Image Stabilizer (IS). The lens gives a 38-114mm (35mm equivalent) field of view, perfect for the people shots.
Canon’s lens-shift optical IS physically corrects the light path to stabilise the image, rather than simply boosting ISO. Canon’s IS produces blur-free images with no related increase in noise.
Additionally, the Digital IXUS 80 IS introduces newly enhanced Face Detection Technologies. The Face Select and Track feature follows a user-selected face for as long as it remains in the frame, ensuring excellent results whenever the shutter button is pressed.
Furthermore, New AF Point Zoom allows the photographer to magnify the AF frame when the shutter button is pressed half way, so that facial expressions can be checked before shooting. AF performance in low light has been significantly improved to achieve focus in scenes at around one stop darker.
Face Detection Technology now includes Face Detection White Balance (WB). This function prioritises the colour temperature of the detected face over background colours, setting the optimum white balance for natural skin tones.
Lastly, The Digital IXUS 80 IS adds new Sunset Mode to its complement of Special Scene modes. Sunset optimises camera settings for improved capture of this popular, but sometimes tricky, photographic subject.