A high percentage of companies invest millions in front-end data solutions, but fail to realise a return on these investments thanks to the poor quality of data contained in their back office systems.

Lizette Sander, Data Quality Product Manager of Bateleur Software, says the management information these front-end systems provide is only ever as good as the quality of the data. “There’s no doubt that ‘garbage in, garbage out’ remains the truest maxim in IT,” Sander says. “Good data is the foundation of all good business decisions, so mastering data is not a luxury – it is mandatory.”
In response to escalating demand from local corporates for a solution to resolve this issue, Bateleur Software has launched DataTrawler in South Africa through its partnership with Datactics, the developer of the product. Established in 1999 and based in the UK, Datactics is a major innovative player in the data quality market.
“Datactics has harnessed fuzzy technology, offering ease-of-use to non-programmers who interact with the data on a daily basis,” Sander says. “To compensate for the huge computational effort required to accommodate this pure approach, DataTrawler is designed to harness next-generation grid technology to call on available computing power and allow processes to be shared across many computers.”
Grid technology is a type of parallel and distributed system that enables the sharing, selection, and aggregation of geographically distributed ‘autonomous’ resources dynamically at runtime depending on their availability, capability, performance, cost, and users' quality-of-service requirements.
DataTrawler is acknowledged as the fastest data matching solution available and has been engineered to process vast datasets across distributed computing resources. It also offers an exceptionally friendly user interface which streamlines the entire process.
Sander explains that DataTrawler combines powerful data processing techniques with the latest generation of intuitive, transparent, tuneable, hugely scaleable and error-tolerant data quality technologies. Using a completely new and revolutionary approach, the product is designed to tackle the hardest of all data quality issues – the random nature of errors – head on.
“DataTrawler’s ability to analyse, process and manage large volumes of disparate data types with ease helps companies achieve and maintain regulatory compliance, identify potential fraud, increase purchasing leverage and reduce marketing costs,” she says.