As part of its ongoing association with MWeb, the Cape Town branch of Torque IT will be enrolling an additional 20 previously unemployed individuals for the NQF Level 4 National Certificate in Technical Support during March this year.

Learners are selected according to criteria set out by Torque IT and MWeb, while invaluable work experience is gained within MWeb’s call centre environment through the “work-skills” development programme.
MWeb’s strategy has been not only to comply with Government’s ambition to eradicate high unemployment levels, but also to take on learners to service the need for employment within the immediate community, and ensure market related salaries and typical staff benefits can be enjoyed.
“While some in-house staff have completed the qualification, we mainly take on previously unemployed learners to offer them an education and real work experience. Being in a position to study and earn money at the same time ensures learners gain greater readiness for a realistic working environment,” says Michael Goliath, training learning and development specialist manager for the MWeb Group.
The 12-month programme allows for three months of upfront study, with the remaining nine months dedicated to getting learners up to speed as quickly as possible and to develop them within the workplace.
Goliath adds that during the partner selection process, Torque IT came out tops in terms of service delivery and supporting MWeb’s strategy moving forward.
“We  are currently also  looking at taking on learners with a minimum A+ qualification and additional skills sets that would indicate an inclination towards technical support so  as to grasp and apply the subject matter that much quicker. An assessment process will also be put in place to determine learner skills and aspirations. Torque IT understands our needs and is in an ideal position to select suitable learners based on these criteria,” Goliath says.
The Technical Support course has been customised to suit MWeb’s specialised call centre environment and is based on technical aspects of IT. Torque IT provides IT training and case management, and ensures a satisfactory pass rate. “The entire course package and curriculum is specific to MWeb’s needs. Outcomes of unit standard are also specific to every process of MWeb’s business,” says Mary Carelse, Senior Project Manager at Torque IT.
As MWeb is a diverse organisation, it is linked to both ISETT SETA for IT skills development as well as the Services SETA for its call centre operations.
“Torque IT services our requirement for developing skills in the technical environment, which will also assist us in taking our training to the next level, such as NQF 5, for example. Torque IT forms an integral part of MWeb’s recruitment process, and makes any decision around learners that much easier,” Goliath says.
The previous year’s learners are expected to graduate this month. “The competency rate has been exceptionally high to date,” he adds.