Sahara Computers has announed the availability of its latest mobile solution – the Sahara 12-inch wide Core 2 Duo Image Book 12WS notebook powered by Intel  Centrino Processor  technology.

The solution is aimed at the mobile professional and features a 160Gb hard drive to provide the user with ample space to record, store and immediately manipulate large volumes of multimedia files.
“This mobile solution promotes the mobile attributes of small form factor including light weight, convenient design and extended battery life. However, it also has the hard disk space and processor technology to manage high speed information management and on-the-go computing,” says Gary Naidoo, deputy MD at Sahara.
“As an example of effective application, a multimedia specialist who has to gather visual material and manage multimedia files, off site, can rest assured that this Image Book will easily facilitate raw data download, storage and manipulation," adds Naidoo.
To reinforce its reputation as a reliable mobile workstation, the Image Book 12WS notebook also features an integrated webcam and Bluetooth readiness.
“The webcam is a practical business tool that can be used to facilitate video conferencing and also take advantage of video applications with Microsoft Live Messenger and Skype,” says Naidoo.
It incorporates a four-in-one media card reader and one Express Card type 34 to accommodate peripherals and multimedia devices for added functionality and convenience.
Sahara has integrated Intel Centrino Processor technology into the solution in order to ensure higher performance, extended battery life and effective wireless connectivity.
“We are especially pleased about the combination of Intel mobile computing technology in the form of dual-core performance and power saving features,” adds Naidoo. “This adds exceptional value to our solution and improves the digital experience substantially for the end user.”
The Sahara Image Book 12WS is available through Sahara’s national reseller base.