Just days after closing its EqualLogic acquisition, Dell has begun worldwide delivery of next-generation iSCSI storage area network (SAN) arrays – the Dell EqualLogic PS5000 Series.

“We are committed to simplifying IT and EqualLogic will help us realise that vision for our customers worldwide,” says Michael Dell, chairman and CEO of Dell. “Together, Dell and EqualLogic will deliver storage and server virtualization solutions that enable customers of any size to build resilient, flexible datacentres.”
Dell EqualLogic PS5000 Series storage arrays share a revolutionary architecture to serve as the backbone of virtual datacentres. This dynamic architecture delivers advanced storage functionality, simultaneously scaling of performance and capacity and enterprise-class management at one upfront price. Using the iSCSI interconnect, the Dell EqualLogic architecture creates a flexible, virtualized environment for dynamic volume creation and movement, thin provisioning, scalability, remote replication, and easy interoperability within any IP-based datacentre.
“Networked storage has been too complex for too long. Dell EqualLogic helps solve that problem,” sqays Doug Downing, enterprise brand manager, Dell South Africa. “This is virtualised, consolidated storage in a self-managing, affordable and easy to use, regardless of scale. We’re automating complex tasks, enabling fast and flexible provisioning while seamlessly integrating into the existing IT network. That’s simplifying IT and this is the future of storage.”
According to IDC, shipments of iSCSI-based storage solutions will increase almost 138% annually over the next five years.
"This is twice the growth we’re seeing in the worldwide disk storage systems market,” says Benjamin Woo, vice president, Enterprise Storage Systems at IDC.  “Customers are turning to iSCSI as an easier way to integrate and manage their datacentre environments. With its investment in EqualLogic and the expansion of its overall storage portfolio, Dell is clearly positioning itself to go after this trend.”
Atrributes of the Dell EqualLogic PS5000 Series include:
* iSCSI interconnectivity – utilises the IP protocol to enable fully virtualized storage arrays and storage networks that work seamlessly in the IP datacentre.
*  Virtualisation in the array – built-in virtualisation architecture provides extensive flexibility, intelligent automation of routine processes and on-the-fly performance optimisation that responds to application demands.
* Modular scalability – each modular storage array is a complete SAN; as arrays are added to a group, storage performance grows linearly, network bandwidth expands and the group continues to behave as one virtual SAN.
* Advanced storage management – built-in enterprise-class storage management capabilities, including remote replication and thin provisioning.
* Configurable for capacity/performance – configure each array for the desired ratio of capacity to performance; create multiple tiers of SAS AND SATA-based storage in a single SAN, and optimise each tier for the application it serves.