APC and MGE, part of Schneider Electric, Critical Power and Cooling Services Division, have appointed Diesel Electric Services (DES) as a Certified Gold Partner.

DES is reputably recognised as the largest OEM Genset manufacturer in the South African/sub-Saharan Market and holds the coveted certification from NETFA for the type testing of its distribution boards to IEC 60439-1: 1999(50kA) and specially type tested to 70kA.
Holding the Euro-Diesel Agency for Dynamic UPS in Southern Africa, DES has become the preferred supplier of this kind of product among the major banks and telecomm providers locally. "Proven hybrid power solutions by DES are in use by cellular providers in the African market, drastically cutting operational and replacement capital costs in this market," explains Geoff Slacke, sales manager of DES.
"Together with our ability to provide complete low and medium voltage turnkey solutions and associated switchgear, DES needed to fill the gap with a partner offering – a well known and proven static UPS, active harmonic management systems as well as cooling solutions for the ever growing power hungry IT equipment."
For these reasons, DES teamed up with the Schneider Electric Critical Power and Cooling Services Division as a gold partner to be able to offer the extensive range of well proven APC and MGE products at the best possible value to their broad client base.
"With our 350-strong experienced staff complement, DES offers a complete power solution from the Council MV incomer to the actual housing and cooling of the client’s IT equipment," Slacke adds.
Rodney Callaghan, MD: Southern Africa at Critical Power and Cooling Services division of Schneider Electric believes that DES’s broad customer base within Sub Saharan African, across industries including banks, insurance institutions, cellular providers, government institutions, the military, telcos and general business organisations, can only assist Schneider Electric in the global penetration of its products into the market.
The prerequisites for an appointment of this type include: one qualified sales and one design consultant; two InfraStruXure Type B solutions sold; a completed business plan; and passing a prometic test.
"As a Gold Partner, DES will be eligible for access to Marketing Development Funds and Opportunity Registration Program (ORP), part of the APC, by Schneider Electric Certified Partner Programme, introduced to reward channel partners that generate incremental deals for APC solutions," Callaghan adds.