Standard Bank Corporate Investment Banking (CIB) IT has awarded a two-year contract to business integration company, Red Man Technologies, for the maintenance and consolidation of the bank’s business-critical IBM WebSphere platform.

Most of CIB’s online services are run on WebSphere middleware, with CIB IT responsible for ensuring that the banks’ hardware, storage, severs, computer centres, databases, and WebSphere run optimally in order to give maximum effect to the software developed by the IT division’s various business units.
CIB IT has begun to centralise its previously federated WebSphere support and maintenance function in order to improve service levels.
“Red Man’s WebSphere expertise is crucial to our getting each phase of the consolidation right first time, so as not to disrupt the business,” says Renier van Staden, Standard Bank CIB IT manager.
“Red Man management’s commitment to ensuring that we get the services and skills we need has been impressive during 2007 and we’ve been very pleased with the quality of the people they’ve put on our account, both in terms of administration of WebSphere and providing second and third line support. Our own staff now sees Red Man project people as being an integral part of our internal team.
“We’ve therefore opted for continuity of that quality and commitment by extending their contract with us until the end of 2009 – and, accordingly, capitalising on their WebSphere insight in terms of planning and executing the consolidation project.
“Red Man will also assist us in improving our management of WebSphere licencing.”
Red Man Technologies MD Hein Pretorius says Red Man’s quality assurance-based approach guarantees that all work done by its consultants is structured, disciplined and aimed at producing optimised results with the minimum of effort and cost.
“As with Standard Bank, we are able to speed time to benefit with comparatively few resources. Also, we do all our own recruitment of our consultants and go beyond mere training to pro-active career management based on continuous learning. So, we can always put exceptional resources on to client projects.
"In fact, we have a reputation for providing a level of skill that is difficult for our customers to achieve on their own internally. And, because we use an academy approach that empowers our staff at all levels, we are also able to put young black people on to customer projects and have them deliver superb results from day one. It’s no accident, for instance, that of the seven Red Man people working with Standard Bank CIB IT currently, only one is white.”