CA has announced CA Records Manager r12, the latest version of its
industry-leading solution to help enterprises automate record-keeping
processes, and which is designed to give users faster access to information,
save time and money, and help facilitate compliance with regulatory
requirements and organizational policies.

This new version delivers increased functionality with its records retention
and disposition module, a localizable Web client and added features to
enhance the user experience.
CA Records Manager r12 is also certified by the US Department of Defence
(DoD) against the newly updated version 3 of the U.S. DoD 5015.2 standard,
which provides for greater data security and integrity. Due to its long
history of early and successful standards adoption, CA was among the first
to be invited, and the first to respond to the challenge certifying against
the new, more stringent standard.
According to leading analyst firm, Gartner, the worldwide records management
market was worth approximately $400-million in software license and
maintenance revenue in 2007, an increase of 30% from 2006. This market is
forecast to have a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25%
between 2008 and 2013.
"One of the most important new features in Records Manager r12 is the
creation of an enhanced retention module that is an interface to perform all
administrative tasks related to retention and disposition," says Andrea
Lodolo, national manager: technology services at CA Africa. "Additionally,
this release also delivers significant enhancements focused on creating
transparency, declaring records more efficiently, improving the user
experience and applying policy on all content across the enterprise.
"For instance, new scripted email notification capabilities are designed to
send an email notification to selected recipients when your specific defined
criteria are not met within a specified time frame.
"As South Africa continues to integrate itself with the rest of the world's
economic communities, we are expected to keep up with regulatory compliance,
and having access to market leading products that already have a proven
track record in certification and compliance can only benefit local
companies" Lodolo adds