HP recently announced findings of third-party research detailing that Original HP LaserJet toner cartridges outperformed non-HP toner cartridges in all areas of the study.

The research tested 216 non-HP toner cartridges available in EMEA against Original HP LaserJet toner cartridges.
Nine major brands of remanufactured or clone cartridges were tested in the study. The results were:
*When combining all problem categories, Original HP toner cartridges exhibited no failures in the study, compared to an average of 41.7% for the 216 non-HP cartridges tested.  
*Original HP toner cartridges printed an average of 97% of sample pages categorised as acceptable for all uses, including distribution outside a company to customers, vendors and suppliers, compared to an average of only 61% for the non-HP cartridges tested.
*Of the 216 non-HP toner cartridges tested, 87 cartridges had 50% or more pages which were unacceptable for any business purpose or only useable for internal use.
*During testing, Original HP LaserJet print cartridges demonstrated solid toner adhesion; while pages printed using non-HP toner cartridges had issues with bonding to the paper. When toner is not well-adhered, there’s a greater chance that it could scratch off or transfer to other pages.
*Most non-HP toner cartridges printed lighter text and graphics when compared with Original HP LaserJet print cartridges.
Luis Casado, marketing director, HP LaserJet and Enterprise Solutions, GTMU Imaging and Printing Group, EMEA, explains that to make an informed purchasing decision customers should consider the total cost of ownership of their supplies purchase and look at several factors, including quality, reliability and productivity.
“The results of the study demonstrate that Original HP supplies consistently deliver more professional-quality pages and in turn a more productive business environment than non-HP toner cartridges,” says Casado.
“With every purchase of Original HP supplies, HP customers are provided with a return on investment they can rely on. In fact, non-HP toner cartridges can cost up to 20% more over time than Original HP LaserJet print cartridges."