Migrating a fax server or analogue fax to a single network infrastructure will not only save IT spend, but will optimise business communications, document management and compliance, says David McCallum, sales manager for MESSAGEmanager Solutions South Africa.

McCallum explains that fax is often overlooked when migrating to a VoIP environment, but by taking advantage of this less complex environment, operating costs will lower and the efficiency of the businesses communications will increase.
Desktop fax reduces time and increases efficiency; there is no time wasted in going to the fax machine and when employees need to send faxes to multiple destinations, time is saved by not having to input all the data.
With desktop applications integrating easily with existing email infrastructure, it makes the addition of fax to an end-user’s email application as simple as sending email attachments.
“IP fax can also be run in a virtual environment which allows companies to gain a competitive advantage by improving efficiencies. Add to that the fact that one fax server can support multiple locations and applications it makes IP fax a must have for any organisation relying on efficient fax communication,” comments McCallum.
Additionally, security and confidentiality are automatic with the faxes being received on a private desktop environment and not in public view.
“Regulatory laws emphasise the need for greater privacy protection, document transmission security and accountability,” says McCallum.
“A solution such as MESSAGEmanager, a trusted and reliable fax and electronic document delivery solution, helps organisations comply with these regulations and safeguard information security and privacy.
“This is done with the integration of Document and Content Management Solutions and the MESSAGEmanager database which provides an auditable record of all facsimiles transmitted and received.”
From a cost perspective, the business reduces operating costs as they will no longer be required to maintain PBX ports, they would be able to centralise the skills base within the company and long distance connection costs will be eliminated.
“This means that IT departments can easily structure how information is accepted, routed, audited and archived by managing the flow of information in an electronic non paper format,” says McCallum.
MESSAGEmanager Solutions South Africa was launched in November 2010 and has been gaining traction in the local market with a number of well selected POCs in process.
“There is a perception that fax is an outdated technology when in fact, it has moved with current technologies and provides the perfect platform for industries such as real estate, insurance, law and banking to remain compliant particularly regarding the transmission and storage of signed documentation.
“MESSAGEmanager Solutions South Africa, through Reflex Solutions, is looking at a continued positive response to the solution in South Africa,” concludes Mc Callum.