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NOR Paper, a division of Bytes Document Solutions, and one of the largest paper merchants for commercial printers in South Africa, has re-launched the Mega Paper range, a high-quality triple-coated fine paper that is produced in a sustainable and environmentally sound manner. Mega Paper is imported from Europe by Sappi.
“Mega paper is popular overseas because of its quality,” says Ronnie Oeschger, MD of NOR Paper. “As a provider of specialised paper to the printing industry, we have streamlined our product range and focused on incorporating the latest product range into our offering, hence the re-launch of Mega, which is also more attractively priced than it was before, thanks to Sappi.”
Oeschger says the paper is suitable for all kinds of printing processes. “It has excellent ink absorption, rapid drying and superb colour reproduction. Mega also offers a smooth, consistent surface. This high white sheet is the perfect blend for print jobs that demand the highest environmental credentials and superior print performance.”
Mega contains 100%certified virgin fibre. An elemental chlorine-free bleaching process is used to whiten the paper.
“Mega yields great print results and is also budget-friendly,” says Gareth Cloete, divisional sales manager: printing and publishing, Sappi. “That what makes it suitable for all full-colour litho applications. It can be used for annual reports, calendars, catalogues and any other high end promotional material.
Mega is fully recyclable, FSC and PEFC Certified. Mega Paper is manufactured by three mills in Europe. The producing mills are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and EMAS Certified.
EMAS is the EU Eco-management and Audit Scheme, a clean corporate citizenship initiative of the European Union, constituting the highest European environmental standards and requiring environmental stewardship, determined continuous improvement and detailed public reporting.
Cloete says there is a definite increase in demand for paper sourced from sustainable and renewable resources in South Africa.
“Corporates, end-users, merchants and everyone in the supply chain demands to know their paper has been sourced from sustainable mills with sound environmental policies,” he says. “This has made certification from organisations such as FSC and PEFC absolutely vital. These identify wood and wood based products from well-managed forests.
“The re-introduction of Mega underscores NOR Paper’s commitment to bringing change to our business, our sector and our community,” says Oeschger.
“We are currently the only paper business in the country to attain a level 2 BEE rating as audited by Empowerdex, and we have ensured ongoing commitment to broad-based black economic empowerment. That coupled with our strong environmental focus and our use of products manufactured in a sustainable manner forms part of the vision we have for the business as it continues to grow.”